EYC Snippet – Episode #34 Key Technical Aspects of the Crossover

An excerpt from the EYC Podcast episode #34 – Key Technical Aspects of the Crossover

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The Crossover is one of the most well-known jump rope techniques, and often one that newer jumpers gravitate towards once they feel they have a baseline competency in the standard Bounce Step, and perhaps even the Alternate Step. Because of this, I thought it would be a great trick to elaborate on so that jumpers of all skill levels, but particularly beginners, can go into it with a clearer strategy. In order to do this, I am going to target two areas, the first being Global Considerations, then technical aspects specific to the Crossover. The global considerations are points that don’t necessarily apply to the Crossover specifically, but allow you to perform more effectively overall, and reach the goal of proper execution of the Crossover more quickly.

Global Considerations

1. Proper Rope Length

2. Competency in the Bounce Step and Alternate Step

3. Learning the Side Swing

4. Training in Front of the Mirror

Technical Aspects of the Crossover

1. Cross Width

2. Handles Parallel To the Ground

3. Keeping the Hands at Waist Height

4. Wrist Rotation Speed

These technical aspects of the Crossover work synergistically as well. Improving one, will likely improve another. For example, wrist rotation speed is maximized when keeping the hands at waist height, and Cross width is maximized by keeping the handles as parallel to the ground as possible. The opposite is true also. If you are able to keep the hands at waist height consistently, you are creating a favourable environment for optimizing wrist rotation speed. Building on that, the global considerations will ensure you are setup for success for the start, and that you have, and can improve the foundational requirements for tackling the Crossover.

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