Establish Your Purpose for Long-Term Gains

Establish Your Purpose for Long-Term Gains

Physical health and fitness is a journey that requires a strong commitment, and an understanding of how that journey works for you. There are many ways to approach it, and what works for someone else, may not appeal to you. Ultimately, it is a personal decision that involves mental preparation before getting started.

Before planning your own approach to an active lifestyle, you need to understand your purpose for doing so. It is important to create long-term outcomes that will pull you instead of you trying to push yourself. This will ensure that when challenges occur, you have a purpose to rely on.  Having a purpose will also help make the journey enjoyable, which is key to consistent growth. The development of a driving purpose is often avoided, and as a result when a plan of action becomes inconvenient or uncomfortable, it is abandoned.

Ask yourself meaningful questions to forge a compelling purpose. This shifts the focus away from strictly your workout regime or your diet plan and toward how you can use those to achieve long-term results. Some good examples are:

  • Are you looking to gain strength, size, skill, or a combination of these?
  • Are you looking to lose weight, and simply increase functional strength/dexterity?
  • What feelings or insecurities do you currently associate with exercise?
  • What barriers will you face that may affect your training?
  • How will greater strength and vitality affect your life and those around you?

Clarity is power. Make being active appealing, and you will tenaciously pursue it. It will always take work, but establish a meaningful purpose and it will no longer feel like work.

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