EYC Vlogs

This page features all of the episodes of the EYC Vlog. The goal of the vlog is to provide a brief look into my workouts, but more importantly to engage the audience with concise, and meaningful information based on calisthenics and jump rope.

Hand Positioning in Squats

The Importance of Jump Rope Length

Using an Incline with Pushups

Shadow Jumping

You Have to Earn Jump Rope

The Importance of the Close Push-Up

Repetitions and Jump Rope

Pistol Squats

The Importance of the Mirror In Jump Rope Training

EYC Rope Fundamentals Video Companion

Experimentation in Jump Rope

Achieving the Crossover

Achieving the Double Under

Jump Landing and Endurance

Managing Variables in Rope Training

Arm Wraps in Jump Rope

Training Update/Rope Rotation Speed

Key Considerations for Beginner Jumpers

Making It Look Easy

A Keen Awareness of Execution

Musings on a Ketogenic Approach